The BSB Factory Logistics service is ideal for production companies, especially for those in which complex interactions take place across different departments. The Factory Logistics service is designed to effectively manage supply chain upstream and downstream raw materials and components (reception, warehousing of incoming materials, production line clearing, etc.). While being well aware of the fact that operations are key, BSB and its Factory Logistic service aim at extending beyond operations and at providing effective solutions to manage materials and guarantee constant flows to production lines. The Factory Logistics service is therefore a partnership programme by all means, since it requires deep integration between the two parties. In order to guarantee excellent performance levels, constant communication with the following corporate functions should take place on a daily basis:

  • Production (managing production plans)
  • Procurement (managing shipments under the operational point of view)
  • Quality (handling non free-pass products requiring additional certifications and/or further checks at the Quality Control area within the site)
  • Transports (coordinating and handling materials outside the production site)