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BUSINESS LOGISTICS CONSULTING: Having gained the appropriate competencies and design and engineering skills over the years, BSB can develop complex projects with a view to improving the Supply Chain for companies that need help adapting their Logistics to the latest management criteria.

In the field of business logistics consulting, BSB offers:

  • Design and construction of warehousing systems
  • Supply chain reengineering
  • Design/revision of warehouse and line layout
  • Configuration of storage systems (number of pallet places, dimensions, locations, etc.)
  • Estimated warehouse costs at full capacity
  • Estimated material reconditioning and moving costs
  • Drafting of procedures
  • WMS tuning as an essential prerequisite for a properly functioning warehouse interfaced with the company ERP

BSB has experience in Logistics management supported by the most popular ERPs: SAP, BAAN, Movex, Click Reply. It also has its own material and warehouse management software that can interface with any ERP in use.

BUSINESS PRODUCTION CONSULTING: Our business consulting in the field of Lean Production is aimed at all companies that need a review of their production process.

We promote the philosophy of learning organisation in companies, developing their internal analysis and problem solving skills.

The main purpose is to improve processes by continuously identifying and eliminating sources of waste.

Monitoring the accurate cost/benefit analysis makes it possible to trace an operational methodology to address the critical issues of a production system composed of people, systems, machinery and the environment.

BSB Logistica operates within the production chain, more precisely by:

  • Studying the production layout and consequently optimising spaces
  • Mapping physical and information processes through operational tools such as Value Stream Mapping
  • Optimising and levelling production lines
  • Revising Production Planning Systems according to Make to Stock (MTS) and Make to Order (MTO) approaches
  • Implementing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

In the field of Lean Production, through operational tools such as:

• Lean Assessment (verifying the current state of the company and formalising development activities)
• Reducing process crossing times
• Reducing company waste
• Implementing PULL activities: Kanban, 5S, Value Stream Mapping, SMED – Set-Up Reduction, Spaghetti Chart
• Organising Kaizen Events
• Process Analysis according to Six Sigma techniques (qualitative process improvement through statistical control)
• Staff training


Our warehouses are close to major motorway connections, facilitating the distribution and receipt of products to and from the major industrialised areas of Italy. A logistics hub served by good local infrastructure leads to economic advantages, including in transport costs.

Our operational activities of logistics and consulting take place mainly in the provinces of: Lecco, Como, Milan, Monza and Brianza, Varese, Bergamo, Brescia, Pavia, Piacenza, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Lodi, Verona and Vicenza.

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