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Given the growing increase in the world of online sales, logistics companies now need to build logistics tools capable of satisfying the large flow of internet sales. Above all, e-commerce logistics concerns the set of activities and logistics services needed for order management: from moving goods in the warehouse to preparing and shipping products in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.

This constant increase in online sales brings benefits and drawbacks for those who, like BSB Logistica, decide to operate in this increasingly competitive sector. Providing a high-quality service is the main mission of BSB Logistica, a leading company in the outsourcing services sector since 1995.

E-commerce arises from the seller’s need to deal exclusively with the product and its sale, leaving aside the packaging and shipping tasks that are instead entrusted to the supplier. This allows a sales model whereby the seller sells a product to an end user without materially possessing it in its own warehouse.

How e-commerce logistics works

The skills needed to build this process, from the purchase click to home delivery of the chosen product, involve sector operators creating stable platforms for purchase and payment transactions, different methods of warehouse management, the use of more robust new forms of packaging and an organisation for rapid, punctual and reliable transport. In detail, the services offered by BSB Logistica are:

  • Proper design and functionality of the dedicated e-commerce platform, products that are easy to select and therefore purchase
  • Shipment tracking
  • Quality packaging, in order to avoid product breakage and damage during transport
  • Management of warehouse stock, monitoring of inbound and outbound products
  • Partnerships with fast and straightforward shipping companies
  • Return management
  • Call centre for assistance with returns and shipments – Benefits of outsourcing

The benefits of outsourcing

Running an entire e-commerce business nowadays seems like an impossible undertaking. With BSB Logistica’s strategic planning, you can find a solution to suit your needs so that you can focus exclusively on the product to be sold. Relying on a logistics company for e-commerce thus means relying on a company that manages the company’s entire logistics processes and on highly qualified personnel who only perform the logistics services required.

In addition, the use of outsourced services reduces every cost, from the price of individual shipments to that of the warehouse. So why not rely on the experience of a company that can meet your every need?

BSB Logistica specialises in managing logistics and in particular e-commerce services. Thanks to almost 30 years’ experience in the sector, it provides tailor-made solutions that foster the growth of your company, including ad hoc logistics services for strengthening and managing the structure, customer care and free support.
Contact us to find out the best solution for your e-commerce

Contact us to find out the best solution for your e-commerce