BSB: logistics focused on substance for tangible results

Here below we are republishing an interview released to the online magazine Bianco&Bruno. The interview includes some information about our vision and experience and provides further details about us in an enjoyable article that can be found on

Meeting the Brianza-based company and its founder, Mr. Luigi Ambrosin 10/08/2017

By digging deeper and moving beyond the surface, perfectly respectable companies that were totally unknown just a few moments earlier can be discovered. These companies are usually focused on substance and, as a result, their communication activities are often put aside while, on the contrary, communication lies at the core of the activities accomplished by many other companies. Maybe, that’s because of our peasant origins; maybe, that’s because we were hardened by experience; but when we meet companies like these, we immediately feel comfortable. That’s how we felt when, a few days ago, we visited BSB Servizi Logistici Integrati, a company based in Brianza (headquarters located in Vimercate), whose clients also include one of the leading Italian distributors of household appliances and mobile telephone equipment.

Luigi Ambrosin established his company together with Franco Giacomazzi, Professor at the Milan Polytech. He welcomes us with a warm smile. We meet in a small building that looks impersonal to say the least: substance is really at the core of this company. His smile conveys his attitude, the one of an open-minded man who is willing to share and exchange views. “Our company cares about doing things well or, at least, this is our goal”, he says. This is what numbers say, too: 50 directly hired employees plus approximately 350 external resources hired by BSB-certified consortia operating in warehouses managed by BSB. Over the years, BSB has developed remarkable knowledge in managing Bianco e Bruno product warehouses. This detail is also not without significance: handling products like these requires advanced organizational skills.

Logistics has always been a slippery slope as far as relationships between industry and trade are concerned, and conflicts are a daily occurrence. “Mr. Ambrosin, in which way can high quality standards be guaranteed?” “We – he proudly answers – adopted an ethical and behavioural code, which we share with our clients, suppliers, and employees, who are in turn required to commit to it. By signing this document, everyone agrees to comply with the applicable labour laws in force and to behave irreproachably as far as ethics is concerned”. “Will more and more sophisticated technologies enter the logistics market in the future?” “This is not the future”, Ambrosin objects. “This is the present. Warehouse keepers who used to learn product locations by heart belong to the past”.