BSB Warehouse Logistics provides cutting-edge warehouse solutions both to production and to distribution companies. By implementing integrated logistics solutions, your goods and product flows are  managed by a skilled and qualified partner. Warehouse Logistics services are addressed to all those companies willing to focus on their core business. Tailored, highly efficient, flexible, sustainable logistic systems customized on actual sales volumes are provided to each client. BSB offers two logistics services in this field:

INSIDE THE CLIENT’S PLANT: BSB fully, independently, and directly manages your logistics operations by undertaking full responsibility with reference to all applicable laws and regulations (labour, safety, inventory stocks)

OUTSIDE: BSB manages your products and goods, your stocks, picking operations, orders, and shipments at its own warehouses.

BSB’s experience and skills allow it to play a pivotal role in carrying out the following operations through its unique turnkey formula:

  • Reception of materials and products from external supplier
  • Product warehousing
  • Full warehouse management and operations
  • Order management
  • Picking  and Shipment by geographical area, sales channel and carrier
  • Document printing (transportation documents and packing lists) and creation of consignment notes
  • Carrier vehicle loading
  • Transport coordination
  • Logical and physical management of products to be delivered to distributors, wholesalers, resellers, and end users

Operations can be carried out either at the client’s premises by outsourcing in-house logistics operations or at external BSB-owned facilities shared with other BSB users or fully operating on behalf of one specific client.

Outsourced operations are organized by BSB and carried out by BSB staff using BSB equipment according to a clear entrepreneurial vision based on close collaboration and integration with the supply chain section that is left under the client’s responsibility. BSB undertakes full responsibility to coordinate external resources, if any, so that the client can be fully released from all liabilities.