Privacy policy


This page contains detailed information about the ways in which our website is managed in connection with users’ personal data. This privacy policy, provided pursuant to art. 13, Legislative Decree No. 196/02003, Code on Personal Data Protection, applies to users interacting with services managed by Building Services Brianza srl – Socio Unico, including the website. This privacy policy only applies to websites managed by Building Services Brianza srl – Socio Unico and does not apply to any other external websites – If any – visited by users by clicking on links published on our website. Moreover, this privacy policy is inspired to Recommendation No. 2/2001, acknowledged by the European Authorities for personal data protection, summoned in May 2001 under art. 29, 95/46/EC Directive, for the purpose of laying down minimum requirements about online personal data collection and, in particular, about the ways, times, and nature of the information that has to be provided by data controllers to users connecting to webpages, notwithstanding the purpose for which such connections take place.

Personal data processing and privacy protection. The information provided here below in compliance with art. 13, Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 applies to the processing of data of users visiting our website or requesting services available online at the following address


Navigation data from IT systems. The Internet protocols and software procedures used to operate this website involve collection of some personal information needed to operate Internet communication protocols. Such data are not collected for identification purposes or for the purpose of identifying any third parties. However, due to their nature, such data might lead to user identification when they are processed or matched with other data controlled by third parties. Data are used for the sole purpose of collecting anonymous statistical information about website usage and to ensure correct website operation. They are immediately discarded after processing. Data might be used by competent authorities in order to identify specific liabilities in case of IT crimes committed against the website.

Data belonging to this category include: IP addresses; domain names of computers used by users connecting to the website; URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of requested resources; other parameters about users’ operating systems and IT environments. Personal information processing. Personal information will be processed by means of IT, electronic, or automatic tools, and by manual filing only for the time required to fulfil the purposes for which the same data were provided and, in any case, in compliance with the applicable laws in force. Data will be protected by applying the measures set out in Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, particularly in Annex B (Technical provisions about security measures) for the purpose of preventing data or information loss, unauthorised or incorrect use of data, and unauthorised access to data.

Personal data are controlled by the Controller specified in this privacy policy and by the Building Services Brianza srl – Socio Unico staff members who need to use such data to accomplish specific tasks. Such personal data and/or information might be transmitted and/or sent to third parties only when such transmission is strictly required and/or expressly requested by users for the sole purpose of performing economic activities or processing the same data; data might be sent to competent authorities for the purpose of guaranteeing compliance with the applicable laws in force. Accuracy and veracity of any personal data provided to Building Services Brianza srl – Socio Unico are the sender’s sole responsibility. Any information sent to Building Services Brianza srl – Socio Unico will be regarded as non-confidential. Data voluntarily provided by users. E-mail messages discretionarily, voluntarily, and purposely sent to the addresses published on our website lead to identification of the sender’s address, which is needed in order to respond to the sender’s requests, and of any other personal information included in the message.

From time to time, specific summary information statements will be published or displayed on website pages providing specific services upon request. Discretionary data provision. Except for navigation data, provision of personal data by users is discretionary. Users might refuse to provide their own personal data. In such a case, the Company might be unable to manage the relationship with the involved user. Rights of involved parties. At any time, parties to whom personal data refer are allowed to exercise the rights set out in art. 7, Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, in particular: the right to request and obtain information about data sources (confirmation as to whether or not such data exist) and processing purposes; the right to request verification of data accuracy; the right to request updates, changes or integrations to data in compliance with the procedures set out by the applicable laws in force. Under the same article, involved parties also have the right to request cancellation, anonymization or interruption of data handled in breach of the applicable laws in force, and to prevent such data from being handled on the grounds of legitimate reasons. Requests made under the abovementioned art. 7 must be addressed to the Controller. Data Owner, Controller, and processing place. The personal data Controller is Building Services Brianza srl – Socio Unico, based in Vimercate, via Antonio Stoppani 2, in the person of its pro-tempore legal representative. Data processing in connection with web services provided by this website takes place at the abovementioned headquarters and is only carried out by technical staff operating in the data processing office or, on an occasional basis, by maintenance staff during maintenance operations.

Law and jurisdiction. Application of terms of use is regulated by the Italian substantive and procedural law. The court of Monza shall have power and jurisdiction in connection with any controversies arising from these terms and conditions. Notices. Any notices referring to these terms of use or to any breaches to the website managed by Building Services Brianza srl – Socio Unico shall be sent to