logistica micrologistica per la tua azienda

BSB Logistica is the leading Italian company in the field of warehouse management and the supply of logistics services for production and distribution companies. Thanks to almost 30 years’ experience in the logistics sector, BSB has recently expanded its already broad services, in particular with regard to micrologistics. Given the strong growth in this sector, BSB has invested heavily to respond perfectly to its customers’ needs.

Micrologistics: what it is and how it works

In the field of business management, the term logistics generally refers to industrial logistics or rather integrated logistics, services found within the BSB Logistica range; but small and medium-sized enterprises sometimes struggle to find a logistics partner who can offer a suitable service and satisfy their needs.

Specifically, micrologistics is a branch that concerns logistics management for companies with a reduced amount of material and/or smaller products to be managed. In general, micrologistics covers all those operations for storing a small number of pallets (usually up to 10 units). So, when we talk about micrologistics services we are literally talking about logistics for microenterprises, which it is worth remembering represent around 95% of all Italian companies. This figure is particularly interesting because the volume of demand for micrologistics services has increased dramatically in recent years, as the number of small businesses rises rapidly. An obvious example in this sense is the many digital companies formed in the last decade, which sell on various e-commerce platforms without having their own warehouse or a fixed office. In addition, outsourcing services delegated to third parties have enabled small companies to expand even more, without all the complications related to logistics services.

Develop your business with BSB Logistica

In order to cope with this new reality, logistics service providers have had to adapt to the change. In particular, BSB Logistica has been able to respond optimally, adapting its range of logistics services increasingly to the needs of micro-enterprises through customised and tailor-made micrologistics solutions. BSB Logistica offers logistics services for countless sectors including auto parts, publishing, food, etc.

It provides micrologistics services in particular for the clothing/fashion sector, but also for furniture or for cosmetics and perfumes. BSB Logistica also provides its own warehouses located in Lissone (Milan) and Piacenza. Their strategic position is fundamental for the company to develop its logistics network, with their proximity to the main motorway arteries facilitating the receipt and distribution of products in the most industrialised areas. A logistics hub served by good local infrastructure brings undoubted economic advantages, including in terms of transport costs. One of the benefits of micrologistics is being able to ship goods to customers near the warehouse, thus reducing shipping times and costs.

BSB Logistica’s objective is to create an ecosystem where your company won’t have to worry about a thing. BSB can respond perfectly to your needs by providing customised micrologistics services to guarantee immediate results that meet your expectations. BSB Logistica is an ideal partner for your company, able to provide all logistics services and carry out all activities (management, storage, etc.) to help you optimally manage your business. BSB stands for efficiency and guaranteed results.

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