BSB, a small company with huge warehouses

For the record, here below we are publishing an article about the work we carried out in the complex field of logistics over the past 20 years. Our story involves success and strong commitment, and solutions to problems. A story that tells itself, effectively interpreted by Fabio Lombardi, author of this article written for the newspaper  Il Giorno

Vimercate, 11th May, 2017 – An impersonal building in via Stoppani. A big gate. A few company plates on the façade. Once you enter the front door, you see three flights of stairs. Then, an ordinary door. You open it. In the hall, a few employees are busy working under the gaze of Vasco the goldfish, who is also busy watching around from his old-fashioned bowl.

Just up ahead, the boss’s office. A desk, a couple of company posters behind it, and a flipchart to jot down a few notes. A small office like many others in Brianza, hiding a little big reality. This are the headquarters of Bsb Servizi Logistici Integrati. A name that perhaps will not tell you much but actually represents a solid entrepreneurial reality. “I founded Bsb in 1995 together with Franco Giacomazzi, Professor at the Milan Polytech”, says Luigi Ambrosin who, before taking this challenge, had worked as a Human Resource Manager in companies like Philips and Montedison.

In more than 20 years, Bsb has grown a lot. “Our company manages warehouses on behalf of Unieuro and the Italian State Tobacco Monopoly on behalf of Logista (the warehouse is located in Bologna) for the Italian regions Emilia, Tuscany, Marche, and Veneto”. And that’s not all. “Over the last few days we’ve been able to finalize our partnership agreement with Kuehne Nagel (a worldwide giant in logistics) to manage factory logistics on behalf of a leading company located in the Modena area. We also own a warehouse (7 thousand square metres that might soon be extended to 10 thousand) where we manage goods on behalf of small and medium-sized companies who chose not to, or who can’t, have their own warehouse”.

Bsb’s numbers should not be disregarded. Fifty directly hired employees (mainly managers and administrative staff) and over 350 external resources (employees hired by consortia working in warehouses managed by Bsb). “The consortia working with us have to commit to our ethical and behavioural code, according to which compliance with labour laws and applicable regulations about salaries must be guaranteed. This is the only way for us to provide high-quality services to our clients”, states Ambrosin, whose company closed 2016 with a turnover equal to 11.4 million Euros and is expected to reach a turnover of 13.2 million Euros in 2017.

“Logistics is a constantly evolving universe. Nowadays, technology is king, with computers that can manage stocks and shipments by timing them perfectly. Warehouse keepers who were able to spot a specific product on a specific shelf among thousands of shelves no longer exist. Nowadays, the e-commerce business is quickly expanding, and staff working in the warehouse must be skilled in dealing with technology”.