We were involved in drawing up the draft of the book “Price Management” written by our vice-president Mr. Franco Giacomazzi. This special project provides usable contents and interesting cues for further reflection.

Product and service pricing processes have always been critical for management teams because pricing directly and strongly impacts on economic performance. Moreover, prices are what catches our clients’ attention in the first place.

In a very competitive and tense market like today’s one, defining prices correctly by taking all variables account, including those that are valuable to clients, is basically a process that requires teamwork and great coordination of price-management processes. It has been proved that dealing with pricing in a strategic way allows companies to become more competitive. Pricing, therefore, becomes a step within a specific business process and is no longer just a tool to manage profit margins.

Pricing is art and technique. This book, made up of seven chapters, is easy and enjoyable to read and includes examples, testimonials, processes, strategies, methods, dynamic to effectively manage corporate pricing processes. It aims at helping Marketing Managers, Sales Managers and Business Managers, and can be used as a reference book in Master’s Degree courses and University courses.